I offer a four different services, using my extensive experience in these fields to succesfully manage a wide variety of projects and assignments. Working for universities across Europe, has enabled me to learn best practices in the fields of education, research and innovation, which allows me to define major challenges and to design and implement solutions.

Program Management:
If you search for someone who has overview over a number of interconnected projects with many stakeholders, I can offer my services. I am knowledgeable in the field of research collaboration, support services, education and innovation. I am particularly experienced in international and inter-institutional collaboration projects and programmes. Both the initial phase and the first phase of institutionalization have my preference.

Project Management:
I am a flexible generalist in the field of higher education. For example: I have led projects to develop joint programmes for PhD candidates between various institutions; I was the project manager of several Human Research Projects at universities; I have led projects increase the percentage of teaching staff in possession of the obligatory teaching qualification (BKO); I have set up exchange programmes between institutions to enhance the quality of support staff; I have organized exchange of international students; I have been in charge of the development of an international joint master’s programme.

I am knowledgeable of current challenges as well as future developments in the national and European context for institutions of Higher Education. With my academic background in Organisation & Management, I can help institutions in higher education with the formulation of their strategy and with their organisation development. I am an expert in governance. I can provide a critical review of an organisation or of an department, e.g. as input for an (self-)evaluation.

I am experienced in producing reports, for example on Innovative Doctoral Training, evaluations of Horizon 2020 and of the European Court of Auditors from the perspective of universities. Furthermore, I write columns, fiction and non-fiction.